The Traveling Tribute

Many people have worked very hard, spent time, money and resources to see this project come to fruition. The significance of the timing is obvious, and appropriate…We first introduced and dedicated the Traveling Tribute panels during the height of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi freedom. These panels bear the names of over 6,000 brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen & Marines, that have laid down their lives, since that tragic day in our history, September the 11th of 2001. Men and Women, most 18, 19, 20, and 21 years of age… that have unselfishly gave of themselves in an ultimate manner, for the Safety and Security of our homeland, our United States of America.

This is something similar, only in concept, to the Traveling Vietnam Wall, moving throughout our country to remember and honor our fallen. However, ours is contemporary and progressive in design, to correspond to the era in which it represents. Stone belongs to our heroes from Vietnam, and we do not want to capitalize, or take away from the importance of their actual Memorial in Washington D.C.

This about Duty, Honor & Sacrifice. This is the only one of its kind in the country, that offers Recognition, and Acknowledgement of our lost children. They gave their tomorrows, their futures, so that we could have our today.

Every one of our brave men and women currently serving know that the same price could be required of them too. Please Remember them…It’s an important component of our heritage. It’s vitally essential to our families and critical for us grieving families left behind…

Thank you~